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Our first football tournament of the year was the All4Sport tournament on 6th October. Our Footballers enjoyed their skills sessions and mini matched. Kabir and Mustafa even managed to knock the ball of the stand in one of the drills. The children all tries really hard and enjoyed themselves a lot Amina said "I LOVED IT!" See for yourself how good we were. :)

Our next tournament was the year 3/4 tournament on 12th Oct. We took a very strong team with some children on their first competition. The boys battled well, a quick flurry of goals saw them lose their first game. They regrouped and drew the next game and were very unlucky not to get the win. Sagar and Max were rock like at the back with Ayan making some superb saves. Kevin B and Keeyan providing a great outlet to get in to the opponents half. Mohamed provided some great saves in net to keep the next game to a low 1-0 loss. Our last game was another draw, Haris made a length of the pitch run to only be denied by the last defender. Ammn and Uqbah provided the team with  a breath of fresh air when they were introduced.

Girls' Football 16.10.17. 

Our year 5/6 girls' football team took part in a very competetive tournament which took place at KPHS. The girls' did very well and took on the mantle of last years' team to remain unbeaten. WOW! The girls' drew 3 of their games and won the last game 2-0 (the highest win of the whole tournament).  Maria and Precious were rock like at the back which meant the team didn't concede a goal all night. Lissandra and Ayesha provided an outlet and ran endlessly. Zainab made some crucial tackles in midfield as did Safa, Safa also turned her hand to playing in net. Malaika tried really hard and also had a try in net. Reshma was outstanding in all her games; she ran, she tackled and she also scored a great goal! Lissandra scored the team's other goal.

Boys’ Football 17.1.18


With the opportunity to reach a final at WEMBLEY stadium the year 6 boys entered the tournament full of glee.

The tournament got off to a perfect start with Lwaty scoring a long range goal worthy of a slot on Match of The Day. This made the guys really confident and they played some really good football with some fantastic passing which coach Mr Mansey was very pleased with, unluckily after two lapses in defence the team eventually lost that match 2-1. During the tournament Zain was always a threat with the ball and worked tirelessly without. Sufyan defended very well when he was on the pitch and Ateeb provided a fantastic outlet from defence to attack. Haroon made some brilliant reflex saves and was calm when distributing the ball. Aqeel tried superbly hard when outfield and even harder in net. On the night Ibtesam stood out with a solid effort in every game, he was all over the pitch putting in crunching tackles and some wonderful passes and even a lovely shimmy to bamboozle the defender.

The boys didn’t win a game on the night but their effort was faultless and they have come on leaps and bounds.

On 25th May we took two teams of year six students to the EdStart World Cup. The children had a wonderful day and enjoyed the tournament. The boys from 6M were picked as Egypt whilst 6H were picked to be Russia. Out of the two teams it was Russia who finished the better by reaching the last 8 of the tournament. All the boys showed great effort during the tournament and some excellent skills were on show. Mabast stood out in net for Russia whilst Haroon finished top scorer.