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Broadfield Community Primary School

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The Eco Team


Every year children in years 4, 5 and 6 are invited to apply for the Eco-Team.  The new Eco-Team for this school year is still being finalised!

Mrs Crossley will be supporting the Eco Team this year.


Recycling Detectives

Our Recycling Detectives are:  


Our recycling detectives patrol the school during the lunch hour to check classroom bins/recycling bins are being used correctly - check out the display in the hall to see what is/isn't allowed in the recycling bins!


Energy Inspectors

Our Energy Inspectors are:  



Our Energy Inspectors patrol the school during the lunch hour to check that energy is being used sensibly in the school!  Make sure that when your classroom is not in use that lights are turned out, computers are switched off.  Also, ensure that the classroom windows are closed when the heating is on - let's save energy!


 Litter Pickers



Our Litter Pickers are here to help!  During break times they will clear the playground of any rubbish.  Make our jobs easier...throw your fruit core and peelings in the bins that are provided!


Wildlife Warriors

The Wildlife Warriors

Every other lunchtime our 'Wildlife Warriors' replenish the wildlife garden with bird food.  Can you spot any birds using our garden?