Thank you to everyone who donated to the fund-raising for the British Heart Foundation, we raised over £300!

Here is the highlight of the day... Staff V Children Dance off!



Broadfield Community Primary School will have an Ofsted Inspection on Wednesday 3rd June and Thursday 4th June

Broadfield is a cohesive community where cultural and linguistic diversity are valued and racism or harassment are not tolerated. We aim to create an environment where everybody feels safe, responsible, respected and valued. Our school is a people place where everyone works together to learn and achieve their potential. We endeavour to make school an exciting place to be where essential experiences and opportunities are available to all. We want everyone to have ambition and commitment to their learning and to celebrate successes. We want them to become reflective thinkers who know their own and the school's strengths and can identify areas for improvement. Everyone is encouraged to support others in their development towards becoming good citizens of the future.

Have a look at some of the things that have been going on in our school recently!