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Our project for the first half term is Dinosaurs. We will have so much fun learning about the world in Dinosaur times.

   Here are some of the amazing learning experiences that we may have :

- We will go outside and measure the length of dinosaurs- we could even investigate how many children would fit inside a dinosaur!

 - We will use the internet to research different types of dinosaur. Did you know that a Brachiosaurus was 17m tall?

 - We are going to create our own dinosaur timeline- can you believe that some dinosaurs lived 230 million years ago?

 - We are having so much fun learning dinosaur dance. Can you move like a T-Rex?

 - We will use our scientific knowledge to sort dinosaurs into herbivores or carnivores.

- We will be finding out about fossils and paleontology.


Autumn 2 - The Stone Age

During this project we will visit Touchstones, Rochdale to experience life in the Stone Age. Children will learn how to make a thumb pot and create a cave painting.

We will study the book 'Stone Age Boy' in our English lessons and this will feed into our project lessons. We will be writing our own adventure story.

We are going to look at different artefacts that have been found from the Stone Age including the settlement of Skara Brae.

We will study rocks and hopefully make some rocks of our own!

We are going to be creating our own cave paintings in Art too!


We will update this page in the Spring Term with more detail of our projects!


Projects for the year

Autumn 1: Dinosaurs

Autumn 2: The Stone Age

Spring 1: How it Works?

Spring 2: What a disaster!

Summer 1: World War 2

Summer 2: Healthy Humans



PE is on a 2 week timetable, so check your child's class below to see when your child needs to bring their P.E kit.

It is essential that your child has a sensible, clean P.E kit to wear including trainers for outdoor games.

Please clearly label all items with your child's name.


 Class Slinky


Monday: Gymnastics

Tuesday: Games


Tuesday: Dance

Friday: Circuit Training


Class 3G


Tuesday: Games

Thursday: Circuit Training


Tuesday: Dance

Thursday: Gymnastics



Every child will receive a Maths homework book, a spelling book and a Learning Journal. These must be respected and looked after in line with school policy.  Please ensure your child has a clean, distraction free environment to complete their homework.

  • Spelling lists are given out weekly and will be tested. Maths facts will be given weekly also and tested. The only exception to this will be those children following the IDL programme who will be given a log in to use at home.

The class teacher will inform your child when the test will take place each week.


There will be three pieces of Learning Journal per half term that your child will be expected to complete.



  • Make sure that your child reads every single night. Encourage them to read a variety of different books.
  • Record the book title,  page numbers and how well they read in their reading records and date it.  Your child could receive a reward for reading every day.
  • Ask your child questions about the book e.g.

-        Can you predict what will happen next?

-        Can you describe how the character might be feeling?

-        Can you summarise the key points in the story?

-        Is this fiction or non-fiction? How do you know?



  • Ensure that your child regularly practices their handwriting at home.
  • Encourage your child to write his/her own stories for fun. 


  • Encourage your child to practice times tables at homes.
  • Ask your child mental Maths questions as often as possible e.g. when you are sat in the car/ walking to school/ sat together at home. You could ask them additions, subtractions, doubles etc.
  • Ask any siblings if they can remember a Maths game that they played in school and encourage them to play together to make Maths fun. 

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