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Welcome to Year 5


The Year 5 teachers are Mrs Zesmin-Ali and Mrs Jones (5JZ) and Miss Arnall (5A). Our teaching assistants are Mrs Coleman, Miss Livsey and Miss Daniel.


Our Projects this year, which are embedded throughout our curriculum are as follows:

Autumn 1: Mission to Mars

Autumn 2: Ancient Greeks

Spring 1: Investigators

Spring 2: Settlers and Invaders

Summer 1: Bangladesh Photo Project

Summer 2: Shakespeare 



We will continue to learn efficient ways to calculate throughout the year so we can solve puzzles, word problems and a range of calculation based questions.  It is not possible to teach children the answers to all mathematical questions, we can however teach them the skills set which will make this possible. In all our Maths lessons we try to embed fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills to prepare children to become all-round mathematicians.


Times Tables/Number bonds - please ensure your child practices all their times tables and number facts.  They should be able to instantly recall all of them up to 12x12 and number bonds to 10, 20, 100 and 1000.



Every child has the chance to read to an adult during guided reading. Within these sessions your child has the opportunity to read a range of fiction and non-fiction texts.

Reading books should be read at home each night to an adult or an elder sibling and changed up to twice a week. Questions should be asked by the listener and then their reading record signed.  Allowing your child access to books and encouraging them to read and listen to stories is vital in improving their creativity and as a result they find it easier to write.



In Year 5 we work hard to improve your child's writing ability, looking at Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation as well as creative writing.  We explore different genres of writing and encourage your child to become independent creative thinkers and writers.


PE in 5JZ

Week 1

Monday - Gym

Thursday - Dance

Week 2

Tuesday - Circuit Training

Friday - Games 

Please ensure your child brings the correct P.E. kit to school every Monday and takes it home to wash each Friday.  It is important that they are suitably clothed to participate fully in every P.E. lesson.


Learning Journal

Your child will be set a question every fortnight. They should do their own research through books and the internet and present their findings in their own way. This could be in the form of a poster, fact file, or leaflet. The aim of the Learning Journal is to encourage independent learning and improve presentation skills.  During each project we will give your child a 'menu' of tasks and activities to choose to complete each fortnight, they must tick off each activity as they do it.


Spellings and Mental Maths


Your child will be given their spellings every Tuesday along with a times tables or number facts practice exercise.  They must show that they have learnt their spellings and their Maths skills by returning the sheet to the teacher the following Tuesday, they will then be tested on those spellings and number facts.


Ancient Greeks

We are coming towards the end of our project on Ancient Greece, we have found out lots of important information from the importance of Greek Gods, to the legacy of democracy and the Olympic Games.  We have been to Touchstones in Rochdale to find out about Greek Life and Democracy.  Class 5JZ are looking forward to their Class Assembly where they will be sharing what they have learnt throughout the project.