Broadfield Community Primary School, Sparrow Hill, Rochdale, Lancashire OL16 1QT

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Broadfield Community Primary School

Learning, Growing and Succeeding Together


 Mrs Wright, Mrs Wall, Mrs Khan, Mrs Mahmood and Mrs Royds make learning fun for all our Nursery Children.

Over the year the children get involved with different projects filled with lots of meaningful, practical and enjoyable learning opportunities.

Our Projects

In September they settle in and get really familiar with some great stories aswell as learning about themselves. We have a visit to "Sparks Gym" where any parents and siblings are also welcome.

After the October holidays, the children learn a lot about toys and also learn about Christmas. They take part in a simple Nativity performance, which they perform to the school and parents. We also visit "Planet Play" and meet Father Christmas.

In January we learn about "people who help us" and they meet our local Police Support Officer and get a visit from the Fire Service. We also take part in a "Rhyme Challenge" where the children learn rhymes and then perform them in a show for their parents.

After the February holiday, the children learn about different animals and living things from the sea, the wild and on farms. They get a special visit from Farmer Terry and a wide range of different animals. We also visit the Sealife Aquarium at The Trafford Centre.

We also Celebrate Mothers Day in a rather special way. We also take part in fun Easter activities.

After the easter holidays they learn about what might live in the garden. We grow different plants, and watch caterpillars grow into Butterflies.

After the May holidays we look more closely at the area where they live, including Broadfield Park and local buildings.

We also have an educational visit to Tandle Hill Country Park.

We spend time getting them ready for Reception, by spending time in the Reception Classrooms and also with the Reception teachers, who they already know quite well.  


Ongoing Learning in Nursery

We value role play in all our projects. We always have a house, which changes through the year. It may turn into the 3 bears house, or a house to celebrate Christmas, Chinese New Year, pancakes etc. Inside, we also set up a toy shop, a hospital, a vets, and a fruit and vegetable market. Outside we might have a cave, a police station, or a garden centre for example. This depends on the project and the children's interests.


We discuss different celebrations from different religions throughout the year. We learn about Eid, Diwali, Christmas, Shrove Tuesday, Chinese New Year and Easter. We look at how we celebrate e.g. making cards and decorations, tasting food, listening to music, looking at the clothes.

 We learn a lot about the different seasons, both in school and walking around Broadfield Park.

We have different visitors throughout the year, such as Freddy Fit and Farmer Terry. The dental service talk to the children and provide tooth brushes and toothpaste. They also award us with our "Golden Grin" as we promote Healthy eating.

We try to organise a performance in school from M6 Theatre Company. 

We like to get the children out and about as much as possible throughout the year. This is all brought together in our final project .

We also cook frequently, such as making porridge for the 3 bears, making gingerbread men, cooking noodles for Chinese New Year, making cakes for Mothers Day and Easter.


Nursery Homework

Yes we have homework!

We mainly want the children to talk about what they see and do. We also send books home to share with their families. They will have  activities to encourage mark making at home. During our "Rhyme Challenge" the children take home rhymes and props. The props may encourage them to want to tell the time or learn their numbers for example. Later in the year the children take home a "sounds" book, encouraging families to help the children with simple phonics work.

All homework is monitored and praised each week.

Partnership between home and school  

We value talking to the children's Parents and Carers daily as we greet the children each day. We invite Parents in to join in with many celebrations and visits throughout the year.

We change the way the children register themselves throughout the year…. with their adult's help….from recognising and posting their name, to signing in with correct letter formation. We discuss how to help the children at home, building on what and how they learn at school.

We keep parent's updated of their child's progress and discuss additional individual ways to support their child at home.

Building positive relations with parents is very important to us, and begins months before they even start Nursery.