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Broadfield Community Primary School

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Welcome to Year 2

Woody 2G and Buzz 2L 


Teachers in Year 2

Miss Leach

Mrs Gaunt

Mr Gleeson

Mr Fireman

Mrs Shah

Mrs Ali

Mrs Akram 




Our project for the first half term is Pirates. We will be having lots of fun. Here is what we are going to be doing this half term:

*We will be creating our own pirates and wanted posters

*Researching famous pirates

*Making our own ships

*Investigating floating and sinking

*Looking at places pirates travelled

*Making our own pirate treasure maps 

Projects for the rest of the year

Autumn 2: Kingdoms and castles

Spring 1: On the Move

Spring 2: Where in the world is Broadfield Bear? 

Summer 1: Who Lives Here? Habitats and Homes

Summer 2: Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!



PE is on a 2week timetable, so check below to see when your child needs to bring their P.E kit in. It is essential that your child has a sensible, clean P.E kit to wear.


2G  Woody class 


Monday: Dance




Monday : Games

Thursday: Circuit training 


2L Buzz class



Monday : Games

Thursday: Circuit training 



Monday: Dance







  • Make sure that your child completes their homework every week.This includes reading every night. 
  • They will receive Maths homework week one and English week two.  
  • Please make sure they  hand their Maths and English homework in on a Monday.
  • Please make sure they  hand their learning journal in on a Friday.(Learning journals are to be completed in pencils only).



  • Make sure that your child reads every single night. Encourage them to read a variety of different books.
  • Record how they read in their reading records.
  • Ask your child questions about the book e.g.

-        Can you predict what will happen next?

-        Can you describe how the character might be feeling?

-        Can you summarise the key points in the story?

-        Is this fiction or non-fiction? How do you know?



  • Ensure that your child regularly practices their handwriting at home.
  • Encourage your child to write his/her own stories for fun.



  • Encourage your child to practice times tables at home.
  • Ask your child mental Maths questions as often as possible e.g. when you are sat in the car/ walking to school/ sat together at home. You could ask them additions, subtractions, doubles etc.
  • Ask any siblings if they can remember a Maths game that they played in school and encourage them to play together to make Maths fun.


Useful websites



Keep up to date with everything going on in our class by following: @BCPS2G and @BCPS2L


Please join our class dojo page too! Click on the link HERE to go straight to the website and sign up using your child's code. If you don't have the code please speak to Mrs Gaunt or Miss Leach  who will be able to give you your child's individual code.