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Welcome to Year 4


Our staff in Year 4

Miss Marsh

Miss Bellanti

Mrs Cooper

Mr Fireman

Miss Powers

Mrs Forshaw

Miss Daniel


Our projects in Year 4

Autumn 1

Ancient Egyptians

Autumn 2

They Made a Difference

Spring 1

Saving the World

Spring 2

Chocolate Enterprise

Summer 1

Heptonstall and Rochdale - Contrasting Localities

Summer 2

The Romans





Homework is set on a weekly basis for English and Maths and the children have separate books to complete their homework in.  Homework is set on a Thursday and should be returned on Monday.


A learning journal question is set every two weeks and again should be returned on Fridays.


Reading Books

Reading books are given out at the start of the school year.

It is important that parents listen to their child read every night to develop their fluency and comprehension skills. The adult must sign, date and comment in their child's Reading Record.


Please encourage reading at home.


Reading books must be in school every day so that teachers and teaching assistants can also read with the children.


PE Kits

Children have PE 3 times over the two week timetable. Please ensure that all children have a PE kit, for indoor and outdoor PE. They will also need trainers for outdoor PE lessons.


We are looking forward to learning  lots of exciting things over the next year!



Swimming takes place on a Monday mornings at the local swimming baths. 

What do you need to bring for your swimming lessons?

-swimming costume

-shorts (above the knee)


-hair tie (to tie long hair back)

-a bag to put all of your swimming things in

Autumn 1

Ancient Egyptians

Our project for this half term was Ancient Egyptians.  

We engaged in lots of exciting and fun learning activities. Here is what we learned:

-creating a timeline of significant events

-using hieroglyphics in our writing

-investigating the significance of the Rive Nile

-research an Egyptian Pharaoh using ipads

-discover and evaluate the objects inside Tutankhamen's tomb

-investigate the process of mummification

-design and create canonic jars

*We also had the opportunity to take our learning outside the classroom. We took part in a fantastic workshop, 'Me and My Mummy' at Touchstones, where we extended our knowledge of mummification.


Autumn 2

They Made a Difference

This half term we focused on important people who have influenced and made a 

difference in the world. Here is what we learned:

-investigating the life of Marie Curie

-creating a PowerPoint presentation based on Marie Curie's life

-planning and hosting a fundraising event for Marie Curie

-investigating the life of Thomas Edison

-composing a report based on Thomas Edison's discoveries

-describing and explaining sound sources

-explaining how different sounds travel

-understanding the key ideas about electricity

-predicting and testing complete and incomplete circuits

-creating a YouTube video of your own influential invention

*We also had the opportunity to engage in a FANTASTIC science workshop. It

focused on the history of recorded sound using Edison phonograph and gramophone. We

even made our own music strips.

During our English lessons we focused on the life of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. By the

end of the unit we composed a biography of his life.

Spring 1

Saving Our World

This half term we became much more aware of the environment around us and our impact on the world. We learned all about:

  • The Water Cycle
  • Food Chains and animal survival
  • Pollution
  • Understanding our responsibilities for the environment
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Recyclable materials

We can't wait to reduce our carbon footprint!

We also went on a fantastic educational visit to Martin Mere where we saw the water cycle and food chains in real life!

Spring 2


We have LOVED our project this half term! Here are some of the lessons that we have done:

  • Evaluating chocolate preferences in our classes. We linked this to English by using adventurous descriptive vocabulary such as:

    Appearance- glossy, shiny, dull, mottled, waxy, discoloured, even coloured…

    Taste- bitter, creamy, sweet, spicy, sweet, sour, salty…

    Texture- soft, silky, gritty,hard, mushy, crunchy, smooth, lumpy, crumbly…

    Smell: Rich, sweet, earthy, nutty, floral, fruity, dairy, caramel, nuts, coffee, dried fruits…

    We also linked this to mathematics by creating bar charts to represent our preferences.
  • Investigating the process of making chocolate.
  • Designing our own chocolate treat- this linked well with our English work on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
  • Exploring the importance of Fair Trade.
  • Researching the history of the Cadbury's family.

We even had the opportunity to go to York Chocolate Story where we learned handson how to make chocolate! Yummy!

Summer 1

Rochdale and Heptonstall

We are looking forward to researching 2 contrasting locations in this project. We can't wait to improve our map reading and compass skills!