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British Values Statemen


At Broadfield we are committed to the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) wellbeing of our staff and pupils. This is embedded in our curriculum and our everyday school life. We realise our duty to help children identify shared, core values and what matters most alongside our duty to help them read, write and count.
The Religious Education curriculum (RE), Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) with the British Values and Citizenship lessons contribute heavily to providing pupils with the opportunities to explore SMSC and the universal, human values which are highlighted within and alongside the British Values guidelines. The multicultural and multi-faith community of our school is celebrated and tolerance is taught in order to prepare pupils for life in Modern Britain. The Safety of all individuals is at the core of everything we do and our pupils are aware they are safe to express themselves without being discriminated, so long as they are not causing or wishing harm to others in any way.


Mutual Respect

Our whole school ethos at Broadfield is built around the word ‘Respect’. Mutual respect is our core value and our behaviour policy with the four types of respects, clearly underpins the expectations of this value. Respect is modelled, taught, encouraged and celebrated throughout the school day. Respectful behaviour is rewarded through our class dojo points. The work on the United Nations conventions of Rights for children, further promotes mutual respect as pupils understand their rights and responsibilities to themselves as well as each other.



At Broadfield, our children are exposed to and participate in the democratic processes from Year 2 to Year 6, through the School Council. Representatives are selected through the fair process and use the platform to have their class voices heard to improve playtimes, organise events, help raise money for charities, work alongside outside agencies such as the NHS and simply have their views taken in to account. Debate club and debating opportunities in class, teach our children the skills to participate in dialogue to give views and opinions in a formal manner alongside listening to others with different views. Children have the opportunity to choose and then vote for class attendance rewards. The broad curriculum at Broadfield has many opportunities to teach about the houses of parliament, how law has changed over time with regard to Crime and Punishment and overall the value of democracy.


 The Rule of Law

The behaviour policy at Broadfield upholds the value that all people are subject and accountable to law that is fairly applied and enforced. Expectations for all pupils are extremely high when it comes to respect; pupils behave respectfully towards everyone, respect their learning, respect their resources and show respect for the environment. The consequences for being on red or blue gives pupils the chance to further reflect on the purpose and importance of the rules. There are opportunities within the curriculum to learn about the laws in Britain and the history too. E-Safety is taught along with acceptable behaviours online to keep children and their peers safe and out of trouble. Fantastic walking is another rule which staff and pupils apply in order to keep everyone safe. Visits from Police officers, PCO and the magistrates all help our pupils to understand that we all have a role to play in society and how the law is in place to keep us all safe in Britain.


 Celebrating and showing tolerance of different faiths and beliefs

At Broadfield we are proud of the diversity at our school and the wonderful opportunities we have to celebrate special occasions and festivals to reflect this. From an early age our pupils are taught about how we are all different but all equal. All pupils learn about other faiths and cultures and learn to share their own beliefs with adults and peers who are respectful and tolerant. School assemblies, discussions in the classrooms and many curriculum areas offer the opportunity to explore the values of friendship, community, equality, freedom of choice and tolerance even through differences. Pupils learn that people have different faiths and beliefs and these should be accepted . Places of worship in the community are visited to enhance their experiences and understanding. Any racism and other forms of bullying is not accepted and is recording and dealt with according to the behaviour policy. We use every opportunity to ensure that our pupils learn and grow to be caring and tolerant of others they will meet and live alongside in multicultural Britain.


Individual Liberty

Each and every day at Broadfield, all pupils are provided with various opportunities to develop their knowledge, self-esteem and confidence. The extensive choice of free, extra curricular sports activities for all pupils are designed to build resilience through challenge, take risks in a safe secure environment and further develop any skills and talent in order to shine and be the best of who they want to be. Our pupils regularly take part in competitions in the local borough and are celebrated for doing so in assemblies. Teachers and adults, motivate and inspire at every opportunity, and any children with talents such as singing, arts, debating are encouraged to join the choir, art or debating club. There are frequent writing competitions to enter for all who love writing along with the chance to have amazing work celebrated on displays around school. The maths lovers, love to play maths games through our school memberships to Times Tables Rock Stars and Education City etc in and out of school. Teamwork skills are a key part of learning here, but independence and individual liberty is championed in all classes too. At Broadfield our children are encouraged to take pride of their work they produce and most importantly, be proud of who they are.