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Welcome to Year 4


Hercules Class

Mrs. Gibson (Class Teacher Mon-Wed)

Miss  Jones (Class Teacher Wed-Fri)

Miss Khatoon 

Mr. Garvey



Robin Hood Class

Mrs. Greenfield

Mrs. Spencer

Mrs. Clay

Mrs. Holt




Please keep up to date with everything that is happening in both  Year 4 classes on this page and on Class Dojo. If you need to speak to one of the Year 4 members of staff, please make an appointment at the school office.


Our Projects

Autumn A 


What did the Greeks do for us ?

In English we will be learning poetry - Cinquains and Kennings - we will be looking at Greek myths and writing out own versions and we will be exploring playscripts. 

In Maths we will be learning about -

Place Value – Children will use base 10 to become familiar with any number up to 1,000.  

Numbers to 1000 – Children will partition numbers to 1000 and beyond 

Rounding numbers to 1000 – Children will be placing numbers onto a number line and will be rounding up and down to nearest ten and hundred.  

Comparing/Ordering and Estimating numbers, partitioning and more or less than – Children will using < = > symbols to compare and represent numbers.  

Adding – Practise formal methods of addition.  

Subtracting – Practise formal methods of subtraction.  

Efficient methods, estimating and checking strategies – revise most effective strategies and most apt method for different sums.


In Science, we will be learning about Digestion and teeth, during this we will - 

Identify that animals, including humans, need the right types and amount of nutrition, and that they cannot make their own food; they get nutrition from what they eat. 

Describe the simple functions of the basic parts of the digestive system in humans. 

Identify the different types of teeth in humans and their simple functions. 

Scientific Enquiry Types: 

Observations over time. 

Sorting and classifying. 

In History we will be learning all about ANCIENT GREECE, we will be looking at the answers to these questions - 

Who were the Ancient Greeks? 

When were the Ancient Greeks alive?  

What did the Ancient Greeks Believe? 

Linking to our English work on Greek Myths and the different Gods.   


In Geography our focus will be on European Region, and we will be looking to find the answers to these questions -

Where is Greece? 

 What are the key features of Greece? 

 Then we will Compare and Contrast to a region in the UK. 

In P.E. Swimming and PE Fundamentals will be our indoor PE and Football will be our sports specific focus. 


In Art this term we will make a piece of artwork linked to our project.


In MFL we will teach using language Angels and will be exploring 

Me Presento. (Presenting myself) we will be asking questions in Spanish about ourselves. 


In P.S.H.E., we will teach using PSHE Dimensions and will be looking at -


Using the Dimensions scheme we will look at how to keep ourselves safe online.  We will explore the benefits of the internet alongside learning what information it is safe to share, why it is important to have some ‘offline time’ as well as looking at why certain websites have age restrictions. 

 Personal Safety 

We will look at the dangers of vaping and ensure children understand these dangers. 






In Music and R.E., we follow the Charanga music scheme and the Rochdale Agreed Syllabus respectively.





The children will have weekly spellings to practise and will be set up on Spelling Shed, the spellings will also be uploaded to Class Dojo weekly. Each Wednesday your child will have a spelling test.  If your child does phonics they will only be tested on the first 5 spellings from the list.

They must access Spelling Shed at home to help practise their spellings using their individual log-in. 



The children have timetables and maths facts to learn and can access Timetables Rockstars at home.

The children take part in a Government “Times Table Check” in June, along with all Year 4 children across the country. It is important the children practise ALL their times tables at least 3 times per week if not more, throughout the year.



This is very important that children read EVERY DAY. Please encourage them, listen to them and show interest in their reading by asking questions. This helps them to understand their books. Children will be given a reading book within their book band plus a sharing book that they have chosen, this might be trickier for them to read but it has perhaps grabbed their attention and they want to read it. 


Children need to have their reading records signed by an adult every time that they read at home in order to move up the Reading Tree. 

They need to bring their book bags everyday with their reading book. Books will be changed regularly.


PE Kits.

Children have PE twice a week. 

Robin Hood should come to school every Wednesday in their PE Kit so that they are ready for PE in the afternoon.

They should then bring their PE Kit in a bag with them on Thursday so that they can get changed for their outdoor PE lesson which will be football.

Hercules should bring their Swimming Kits into school every Wednesday and should bring their PE Kit in with them on a Thursday to get changed into ready for their outdoor PE lesson which will be Football.


Swimming is part of the national curriculum and therefore is compulsory.  All KS2 children are expected to be able to swim 25m unaided by the end of the unit.  Some children will achieve this and others will take a little bit longer to become confident. It is an important life skill and therefore we encourage all children to take part regularly and any additional swimming outside of school will benefit them.

Swimming will take part in 2 blocks -  block 1 will be Hercules and block 2 will be Robin hood. 

What do you need to bring for your swimming lessons?

-swimming costume 

-swim shorts (above the knee)


-hair tie (to tie long hair back)

-a named bag to put all of your swimming things in 

 These items must be brought into school every week. 

Here are our class newsletters 

Here is the medium term plan