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Welcome to Year 6

Our teachers this year are:

 Peter Pan Mrs. Greenfield  and Captain Hook  Mr.Mansey

     Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Barzinji,  Mrs. Amjad and Mrs. Miah will work with individual classes., with the additional help of  Mrs. Zesmin Ali  and Mrs. Wright 



Year Six is a very exciting year with lots going on. Please keep up to date with everything that is happening in all classes  on this page. or via Class Dojo.

(Click on the link HERE to go straight to the website and sign up using your child's code. If you don't have the code please speak to Mrs. Greenfield or Mr.Mansey who will be able to give you your child's individual code.).


Please don't hesitate to make an appointment to speak to your child's class teacher if you have any questions.



This year we will be splitting the children into smaller, more focused groups for reading, writing and maths.  

Please come into school and  speak to your child's teacher if you wish to find out more about this. 


Homework is set on a weekly basis for Spellings and Number facts. The spellings and times tables are sent out via the apps and should be accessed at home.  All children have log ins for both sites.  These need to be completed daily, to ensure the children get the best opportunities to succeed. 




Reading Books.

Reading books are changed at least weekly.

Please either read with your child or encourage them to read independently nightly for at least 20 minutes each time.

Please encourage the children to read a wide range of books, any reading is better than no reading at all. The children are also enrolled on Getepic which is a FREE site that offers lots of books for children to read, as well as audio books and videos.  The children have a log in each which lets them sign in during certain hours of the day.  If children want to access it after 4pm then it will need an adult's email address but it is still FREE. 

Reading books must be in school every day so that their progress can be monitored. 

The children may also need to read to an adult during the day. 




PE Kits.

Children have PE 4 times over the two week timetable. Please ensure that all children have the correct PE kit- which comprises of plain white T.Shirt, plain black leggings/joggers, plain black hoody/jacket and plain black trainers . 

PE lessons are on Thursdays and Fridays each week. Children can come into school on Fridays in their PE kit. 



Some children will also need a change of clothes for Forest School and outdoor learning during the course of the year.

Don't forget that PE kit needs to be worn for any after school sport clubs too, so must be available for those. 





Our Projects

Our projects will be changing as the year progresses, we will update this page and let you know via Class Dojo to keep you fully informed. You will also find links to our work and any examples further down the page. 


Our Summer 1 project is " How do you start a business enterprise?"

Within this project we will be using all of our skills and applying our learning to real life experiences. 

We will be planning and fundraising for our end of year prom. 

In English we will be exploring persuasive texts and writing persuasive letters to companies.  We will be looking at the power of advertisements and creating our own adverts for our fund raising activities. 

In Maths we will be costing and budgeting for any additional things we will need.  We will keep a check on money raised and money spent.  We will create spreadsheets to help us to keep track of everything (computing skills). 


The first part of the half term we will be preparing and revising key knowledge in readiness for our end of year SATs.

In Science we will be continuing with Evolution and Inheritance

In music we will be appraising and playing Samba music, in DT we will be making a buzzer game, in PE we will be learning to play tag rugby and using our gymnastics skills.

Also this half term some of us will be off on the Y6 residential trip to Waddow Hall in Clitheroe.

In History we will be looking at the history of Waddow Hall and the surrounding areas will be studied in Geography.

We will post pictures on here when we return. 






Our Spring 2 project is "How did WW2 affect Britain?

Within this project we will be continuing our research into WW2 and how Britain was affected as a whole.  We will look at rationing, the blitz, women during the war and generally learning about how times were hard at that particular time. 

In English we will be creating recipes using war time rationed food. As well as looking at biographies of famous people. 

In Maths we will be continuing with looking at fractions, decimals and percentages, shapes, area and perimeter and revisiting prior learning to ensure that children have a solid understanding of key areas. 

In Art we will be using water colours to create pictures of landscapes.

In Science we will be looking at Evolution and Inheritance- how animals evolve in order to survive in certain climates and how animals inherit certain traits from parents. 

In Music we will be continuing appraising and learning to play pieces of music, in DT we will be creating war time food and looking at structures. In RE we will be looking at how beliefs and behaviours can be affected and in PE we will be continuing our Street Dance and learning how to play Ultimate Frisbee. 






Our Spring 1 project is " How did the second world war affect children?"

Within this project we will be exploring the effect of WW2 on children at the time.  We will be learning about how the war started and evacuation of children in History  We will be looking at local geography and why some children during the war were evacuated to some areas in Rochdale.

In English we will be reading a novel about an evacuee - The Lion and The Unicorn -  we will then be writing diaries about experiences as an evacuee. 

We will be writing persuasive speeches just like the Prime Minister (Winston Churchill) did during the war. 

In Maths we will be continuing with decimals, fractions and percentages and incorporating our prior learning to new skills. 

In Art we will be continuing with our sketching and incorporating our DT skills to produce sculptures. 

In Science we will be looking at electricity. 

During this project the children may see some scenes of war that are upsetting.  But we will do everything possible to reassure any children who are upset at anything they may see.  We will be talking about the effects of war and how this affected children at the time.

Children will learn the importance of empathy. 

To start our project we listened to the historical motivational speech by Sir Winston Churchill during WW2, we then created our own motivational battle speeches.

Some children changed theirs and wrote motivational speeches in order to motivate others in different situations. 

Click on the links to hear some -



 Our Autumn 2 project is 'Why is Rochdale great?'


Within this project we will be looking at famous people of Rochdale, the history of Rochdale, how the landscape has changed over time, and landmarks around Rochdale. (Please see our MTP for more details).

We will be looking at light in Science, in DT looking at structures and how to strengthen them, in Art we will be practising our sketching skills, in PE exploring dance and the skills of netball, and in Music we will be listening to and appraising different genres of music

In English we will be exploring poetry-  poems with a structure, imagery poems and classic poems. We will also be looking at the book The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and writing character and setting descriptions based around the book. 

In Maths we will be exploring fractions.  


This half term we will be reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S Lewis.

Click here  for a preview

 Our Autumn 1 project is Who am I? 


Within this project we will be looking at where our families originate from, across the world and local area in our Geography and History lessons. (Please see our MTP for more details).

We will be looking at the circulatory system in Science, in Art we will be creating self portraits and in PE checking which exercises make our heart rate go quicker and why that happens. 

In English we will be reading the book The Malamander and our writing will be focused on this.  

In Maths we will be looking at place value and the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).


We have an experience week starting on 12th September - more information will be sent out about this. 



Each class has a class novel that they are reading each term.  Check individual class pages for more information. 

Home Learning 

 In the event that children can not attend school for numerous reasons, remote learning will take place via Seesaw. 

All children have an individual log in  for Seesaw and will be fully able to access and submit work through this. 



Here is our medium term plan for this half term. 

This is our half termly newsletter, this will give you up-to-date information about events happening within Y6.

We recently enjoyed a WW2 experience day.  The children thoroughly enjoyed all the activities and they wrote some reviews for the company. 

On March 29th, we had the opportunity to enjoy a Geography Super Learning Day.  We engaged in a virtual field trip to Everest Base camp.  We learnt many facts about Mount Everest, and participated in many learning activities.

The next day we wrote reviews about our experiences and learning for the website.  Here are a few examples of our work.