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Welcome to Nursery

Adults in Nursery

Mrs Smith-Butler & Mrs Barker - Nursery Class Teachers

Mrs Wall - HLTA & Mrs Royds- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Paul & Ms Hernon- SEN Teaching Assistants


Please keep up to date with everything that is happening in Nursery on this page and on Class Dojo. If you need to speak to one of the Nursery members of staff, please make an appointment at the school office.

What and how do we learn in Nursery?

In Nursery we are encouraged to explore, create, be curious, messy and have fun. Through all of this, we learn! 

All of our learning is focused on the 'Characteristics of Effective Learning'; Playing and Exploring, Active Learning and Creating and Thinking Critically. Our classrooms and outdoor area are set up to enhance your child's learning and development of skills in these areas. 

Our Projects


Autumn A - Big Question... Why is it Marvellous to be me?

In Autumn A we are looking at the question "Why is it marvellous to be me?". Through conversations with your child they will help the teachers to guide the learning. We will be looking at all of the things that make your child special looking at our families and friends and the things we like and dislike. We will also be using this project to learn our school rules and embed our school rules whilst also learning about keeping ourselves safe.


Autumn B - Big Question... What is your favourite celebration?

In Autumn B we are looking at the question "What is your favourite celebration?" We will be looking at variety of different celebrations from birthdays and weddings to christmas and Diwali as well as many others we will be looking at how people celebrate. We will also discuss why people celebrate. By the end of the project your child should be able to tell you about their favourite celebration and why.


 Spring A - Big Question... Who helps me in my world? 

In Spring A we are looking at the question "Who helps me in my world?" We will be looking at variety of different careers, focusing on health care, from Doctors and Nurses to Dentists and Vets. We will also discuss who takes care of us and explore how we can take care of ourselves and our friends too.  By the end of the project your child should be able to tell you how doctors help us and how to get help if we are feeling poorly. We are continuing with phase 1 phonics; environmental sounds, instrumental sounds and body percussion. 


Spring B - Big Question... How BIG is my world? 

In Spring B we are looking at the question "How BIG is my world?" We will be talking about our school, our community, our country, our planet and the universe and our place in the big world. We will explore and celebrate individual and collective cultures and continue to develop positive attitudes about the differences between people. We are developing our phase 1 phonics skills looking at Rhythm and Rhyme, Alliteration and voice sounds, getting ready to become readers!


Summer A - Big Question... Who lives in our pond? 

Summer term brings our first Forest Schools project- "Who lives in our pond?" We will be exploring our forest schools area every two weeks, looking at seasonal change and the lifecycle of a butterfly and a frog. In maths we will explore number and number patterns through the natural world and we will be developing our personal and social skills, learning to self regulate and manage our our emotions and behaviour.  In Phase 1 Phonics we will continue to develop our alliteration and initial sounds understanding, learning what sounds our names begin with as well has how to recognise our names. By the end of the project the children will be confident visiting the forest schools area,  follow expectations and confidently explore. They will understand some signs of seasonal change and can talk about the lifecycle of a frog and or minibeast. 


Summer B- Big Question....How can you be an Achievosaur?

Our Summer B project is all about getting ready for Reception! We are discovering all about how to learn and play through our characteristics of effective learning. They describe learning processes that occur throughout every day activities and experiences. They also support the child to remain an effective and motivated learner. We will do this through exploring the world of DINOSAURS!

What are the Achievosaurs?

There are six Achievosaurs altogether, each linking to an aspect of the characteristics. They enable children to become more aware of how they learn, and give them language to explain the skills they use when learning. 

“I am EXPLOROSAUR, I explore everything around me.” Playing and Exploring “I am ASKARAPTOR, I ask questions and find things out.” Playing and Exploring

 “I am TRYATOPS, I try my best and never give up.” Active Learning   “I am STICKOSAURAUS, I stick at tasks and persevere.” Active Learning

 “I am SOLVEOSAURUS REX, I work hard to solve problems.” Creating and Thinking Critically  “I am THINKODOCUS, I think carefully about what I learn.” Creating and Thinking Critically


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